Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Christopher Columbus Essay -- Christopher Columbus Essays

The skills and qualities required of Christopher Columbus in order for him to lead a sound and triumphful voyage to undiscovered and unexplored lands weighed heavily on him, as he was initially placed in a headship position in the course of the planning of the journey because he originated and entertained the idea of finding a passage to China through unmarked waters. With his assiduousness and persistence, his allurement and intelligence, he was able to convince the King and Queen of Spain to fund his trip. These issues, along with the fact that he had never been a captain on a ship, began the fulfillment of a dream built on nothing. These steps taken were the foundation of what would be a great hero and leader.One of import attribute in any man in who is put into a dangerous position of both power and responsibility is the ability to upkeep a close connection between the leader and the follower, which often determines the success of the leaders mission. In Columbus case, it was the capability to unite a crew, who, through storms, shipwrecks, disease, dissension, and even death, remained united enough to make several voyages to the advanced World. He, and leaders in general, must give an additional effort to go to cohorts in order to initiate and expand this alliance that is crucial to the progression of goals.Another essential quality considered necessary for Columbus to command his expeditiousness was a secure code...

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