Thursday, March 28, 2019

All Things Wise And Wonderful :: All Things Wise And Wonderful

each Things well-advised and Wonderful jam HerriotThe book I read is called All Things wise(p) and Wonderful, written by James Herriot. This is the 3rd novel in a chain of five. These novels make a very kindle and famous poem.All Things Bright and Beautiful,All Creatures Great and Small,All Things Wise and Wonderful,The Lord immortal Made Them All.This poem has all of James Herriots book titles. James Herriot was a Scottish veterinarian who lived in Scotland during the time of World warfare Two. You could say that this book is an autobiography because this really happened to him and he has written it. In this book, James Herriot is at war in England. He is practiced the like any of the other soldiers, doing pushups and working all day. When he has days murder he likes to do his first career. This is as a veterinarian. He lives in Yorkshire, England and he goes to farms and peoples houses any time he can, just to help their animals.It all starts with him at war, nothing real scary, just care his regular duties. He seems to be very worried about his odontiasis because he is terrified of dentists. So he keeps his teeth in tinge top condition. The soldiers was very strict about hygiene. Then he goes on about how he likes gentle dentists.In the beginning of this extremely interesting book he starts to talk about women. He says that he likes women better than men, and I agree, because at this time in the English Army there where more men than women. The men would not stop cussing and holler and acting like slobs. He missed the comfort of women.James Herriot became a veterinarian because of his love for all the animals on this earth. He loves all animals and he knows how much an animal such as one out of cardinal cows is worth to a farmer.An incident that I found interesting in the book was when he went to a Gray Hound race. He was the substitute vet. He was given the orders to take out any dock that did not look fit to run.

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