Thursday, January 31, 2019

The First World War (WWI) Essay -- World War 1 I One

On June 28, 1914, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian imperium, Archduke Francis Ferdinand, wasassassinated along with his wife while touring the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo. The assassin was a student motif associated with a Slav nationalist terrorist group known as the melanize Hand, which was fighting forindependence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire for the empires Slavic minorities. From the beginning,the Austrians suspected that Serbia, an independent and radically pan-Slavic nation bordering theAustro-Hungarian Empire, was behind the killing (they were right as it happened the Serbian headsman ofstaff had helped plan the crime). World Response Initial world whim also believed Serbia was behind the assassination, and the initial world responsecondemned the act a factor which reassured Austria that it could move to get revenge. But theAustro-Hungarian Dual Monarchy never operated quickly, especially since Austria could do nothing withoutbeing sure of German support. In the end, the Austro-Hungarian government waited too long by thetime they attempted Serbia, public sentiment about the killing had already cooled.The Entangling Alliance Domino Effect Austro-Hungarian Empire desperately wanted to get rid of Serbia, which had been behind most of theirlargest Slavic problems (Serbia had been a leader in the two Balkans wars, both of which had threatenedAustro-Hungarian holdings). Biggest misgiving Russia (a Slavic country which might help their minorities ifpressed). Needed the Hungarians and the Germans to promise soldiery support against Russia. Germany promised the Austrians support in the event of a Russian attack a "blank check" which allowedA.H. to move confidently against Serbia. Both Austria-Hungary and Germany believed they could do this ina limited way, and that Russia would stay out of it, as it had before. They were not looking to start a fightwith Russia or any otherwise major European power. Biggest Fear That Austria-Hungary, the ir mostimportant ally, would be seen as a useless, "paper tiger" if they didnt act against the Serbians, and thatthe A.H.s sedition would leave them standing alone against France and Russia. Needed A strongally, a united front with that ally, a passive Russia, and a neutral Britain. Russia The Austrians and Germans were find on a repeat performance of Russias p... ...marked Europe subsequently it helped set the stage for W.W.II. W.W.I was truly global in scope it was desolate in terms of casualties. The old methods offighting had met new technologies, and caught the military leadership off-guard. The scale of"The Great War" was truly unprecedented, as Europeans dragged their respective colonies most the world into it.New Weaponry tanks, submarines, airplanes were all new in W.W.I would depart staples of war byW.W.II. One of most infamous weapons of W.W.I was banned by and by poison gas. Proof of the Failure of the Peace W.W.II. The peace created by the Versa illes treaty did not last,and the world created by settlement quickly broke apart. Pro-nationalist statements make by Europeanleaders, like the 14 Points, were taken seriously by various compounds, who looked forward toself-determination they were disappointed that the treaty still remaining Britain, France, the US and Japanfirmly in control of their own colonial regions. Tensions between European powers and their colonials wereone source of instability in the interwar layover the domestic unrest and hostility between Europeannations sparked by the conformity was another.

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