Monday, January 14, 2019

Character Analysis: Alias Grace, Margaret Atwood

thanksgiving Marks being the protagonist of the diachronic novel Alias aggrandize matures and grows as virtu aloney protagonist do. Grace goes through many stages in her life where she needs to adapt to the pip in order to non be taken advantage of. She Is each too fair, too deep in self-pity or too self-aware. She Is a dynamic character who goes from being a scared little young woman Into a convicted murderess. The stereotype surrounding her being a woman reservation her too fragile to take part In such a crime actually helps her and saves her from the noose.Like e genuinely proper girl Grace was very naive when It came to things of the sexual nature. When she observes Nancy dress to have some Ink-Sis snuff stains she tells herself she most likely slipped and fallen down (262) She TLD generalise where the stains couldve came from, besides getting pestering doing house work. Throughout her story Grace speaks a lot astir(predicate) bloody shame Whitney and all she taught her regarding men such as not sit where a man just sat and how street whores made money. Unfortunately Mary died while going through an abortion, which ironically Grace did not understand at the time.All of this new information did scare Grace, until she finally realized how naive she really was when she was informed about Mr Skinner and Nancy relationship as to which she remarked l was much surprised , and said so l was not so recognizeing as I thought myself, and could scarcely see the intrude before my face. (295-296) Grace started losing luck as short as she decided to work for Mr Skinner. Chapter 23 in the novel is named Snake fencing material hinting Grace is walking into danger. Immediately after she enters the town she is confronted by a stranger before being saved by Jeremiah (239).Once she began working in the new village she felt very isolated . It struck me at once how very anchorite I was, as I had no friends here except Nancy, if she could be called a friend .. .1 did not drive in where my family was, which was the same as having none. (301-2), she also confesses tootsie Walsh, l felt would countersign again, and said simply, I have no friends here. (303). Unfortunately Grace soon finds out that that sort of loneliness is nothing compared to what was waiting for her in solitary confinement, where she would soon have to learn how to entertain herself l sing a song, Just to hear a voice and keep myself company. 37) By the end of the novel grace becomes very self-aware of how people heap her, she knows people view her as a type of romantic vox populi and tells Lydia But If I laughed out loud I might not be able to stop and also It would spoil their romantic whimsicality of me. Romantic people are not supposed to laugh, I know that much from looking at the pictures. (27) And later admits l look at him stupidly. I have a good stupid look which I have practiced. (43).Her role playacting seems to throw many eat up when It comes to her be ing guilty or not, because she is so deep into her role of playing the Lady of complete truth to Doctor Jordan it would never be known, with all the role playing she admits to doing. Graces character and Tattoos feminist views play a bragging(a) part in how Grace is portrayed throughout the book. Just analyzing Grace acutely one cannot miss how her traits and situations make her seem to usually be the victim. But then again, if this wasnt the case, her story wouldnt be so interesting to the masses.

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