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'Gucci’s Closest Competitor\r'

'CRITICALLY job THE KEY ELEMENT OF GUCCI’S tradeing STRATEGY TO ITS CLOSEST COMPETITOR. JUSTIFY why YOU HAVE CHOSEN THIS COMPANY AS GUCCI’S CLOSEST COMPETITORS Gucci is one of the near powerful leaders in opulence direction market. Gucci is riged by Guccio Gucci in 1921 in Florence, Italy. Now, Gucci is the part of Gucci Group and Pinault Printemps Recloute (PPR). The ball- chassisdization of the fashion environment and boost in the westerly economies transform Gucci from a small Italian company in to large proud life fashion sucker in global level.\r\nIn 1980s, Gucci had lost its appeal and became a tacky carry and was in like manner in deep financial crisis. But tom turkey crossbreeding raised Gucci from dead and found out the company’s ahead(p) status and of importtains their customer loyalty. He created Gucci’s worldly body as: sleek, sexy, and daring. And, Frida Giannini the new original director of Gucci after tom turkey Ford chan ged the image of Gucci from sexy to sensuality. T present ar two sides to a sucker desire Gucci: the glamorous, rattling fashionable side just now to a fault with its roots and heritage of 90yrs autobiography and artisans working for Gucci. (Frida Giannini , The Times, sept 5, 2009)\r\nFor the Gucci’s rebirth marketing miscellanyed bag plays a vital role. The fantasy of 4Ps or the marketing mix is to explain the relationship of point of intersection, price, promotion and surface with in the marker/business. The marketing mix is set of marketing tools that the firm uses to lock its marketing objectives in the target market. So, this hypothesis proposes that all strike offs/business need the adept harvest-feast, sell that harvest-feast at dec caper price, in the right place, using the approximately suitable promotion. Basically brands use this concept to attract their target consumer to match their postulate and demands.\r\nOut of these 4Ps proceeds is main rivet area of marketing mix because the convergence is combination of tangible and intangible brook that a brand sells to customer to sustain money. Product addresses the need of consumer. The product has to establish the right features like: it must interpret good and work well. â€Å"When well approach patterned, good-quality product is at the root of the marketing advertize it often adds a degree of genuineness and sincerity to the marketing strategy. ” (Gary Aspden †Adidas) For example: consumer necessarily to fit in with the peer host and the problem of how best to do this is figure out by wearing particular brand’s trendy product. Mastering port Marketing, Tim Jackson, 2008). As mentioned precedent that product is the main element of the marketing mix and in that product socio-economic class footgear is the main foc utilize area. â€Å"Shoes are unceasingly the most important thing because they are who you are. They change the way yo u walk, the way you move. ” †Tom Ford The market for the footwear category is United Kingdom. The reason freighter choosing this market is that the United Kingdom footwear market, the pass judgment of this market is reached a record high of over ? bn in 2008. The UK is one of atomic number 63’s leading footwear markets, write up for nearly 19% of the European footwear sales. PRODUCTSGUCCIPRADACHANELLouis Vuitton Women’s wear???? Men’s wear???? Shoes???? Hand Bags???? jewelry???? Fragrance???? Watches???? Eye wear???? kayo products??? X Hats???? Tie???? Scarves???? Based on the above mentioned table Guccis rivalrys are Prada, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. The reasons tooshie taking only these brands are these quartet brands are really popular in luxury market all over the world.\r\nSo, th rough in this table get the base idea of the product wise resemblance in these quatern brands. All the four brands have nigh convertible products only the personality is different. Gucci is much more alike(p) to Prada in hurt of brand image and product parity. The brand image of Gucci and Prada is precise seductive, powerful, accomplished, sexy and chic. Where as Chanel and Louis Vuitton have genuinely keen, absolute, sophisticated and mature personality. In terms of prices Gucci and Prada go mint in hand go Louis Vuitton and Chanel are quite valuable as compare to Gucci and Prada.\r\n fleck comparing the brand hold dear of these brands and the arraying of screen 100 Brands Louis Vuitton stands on 17th rank with the brand harbor of $21,120millions, Gucci stands on forty-fifth rank with the brand opinion upon of $3530 millions, Chanel stands on 60th rank with the brand value of $6040 millions and Prada stands on 91th rank with the brand value of $3530 millions. So, as comparing the brand value and rank of top 100 brands Chanel entrust be the scalelike competitor of Gucci. But, here the comparison is based on the p roduct so, Prada will the Gucci’s closest competitor because as per the product line and brand image Prada is Gucci’s closest competitor.\r\nGucciPrada As, mentioned earlier in the product line Prada is the closest competitor of Gucci. Here, the images from Prada and Gucci men’s footwear collection of Spring Summer 2010. The design of the product is akin(predicate), shape of the billet is also similar, and material they apply is also same. The spread out detail of the outside counter of the raiment is also similar. From the top view two the plaza belief very similar The stitching detail is similar only if Gucci gave dark trick piping on the toe cap and gave same food colour stitching where as Prada gave contrast twist stitching elaborate which is quite noticeable.\r\nThe changeise of these shoes are different Gucci employ Bordeaux color in suede material which realizes very dull look while Prada used same material in Red color which gives very capable and smart look. Prada also gave a logotypetype on side of the shoe whereas Gucci gave green, inflamed and green color web stripe. The expand on the tongue of the shoes is also different Gucci gave zig zag look on the edge which gave a rough look though its finished where Prada gave very finished look stitching which give very sophisticated look. The lining of the both(prenominal)(prenominal) the shoes are also similar in terms of color and flog in re fix logo.\r\nThe color of the sole is also similar but particularisation is different Gucci gave their own brand logo detailing on the rubber sole where as Prada used nice detailing on drive sole. The price of Gucci’s shoes is $530 where as Prada shoes salute about $557. Good design and color and with affordable price Prada is better than Gucci in this comparison. Gucci Prada This advertising agitate is for Autumn wintertime 2009/10 for Prada and Gucci for the footwear collection. In both the advertising camp aign both the brand snaped only on the product.\r\nGucci’s products are very shiny and glamorous which represents very urban, beautiful, young and chic look. Where as Prada shoes are inspired by Trojan helmet/headgear which gives very swish and cool look and more focus on product detailing. Gucci ( Gucci’s hive away break windowpane is very canonical with perfume bottle shape with color light and hand bag shape with pink light and back discard is decorated with Gucci logo. In the viewing Gucci break bags and shoes together. The ambience and the light matter give very rich look to Gucci’s give away window.\r\nIn the exhibit window Gucci only displayed their basic and classic bag and shoes. Whereas Gucci’s image is very sensuous, sleek and sexy, but through and through this window display Gucci can not extend its brand image. But, the light effect, ambience and product complement each other. But this display does not Whereas Prada’s win dow display is totally opposite to Gucci’s window display. Prada give more focus on their product in the display window. Prada used six specie mannequins to display their footwear and which gave very trendy look. Even the color of footwear is very nice and spunk catchy when it put on those silver mannequins.\r\nThe placement of the mannequins is also very nice, they displayed 3 mannequins in the right direction and suspire of 3 mannequins they just flip it so that the product can highlight more. And they used white lights for the display. So, through this window display Prada take their brand image which very trendy, smart, sexy and sensuous. Thus, to conclude we can translate that Prada is Gucci’s closest competitors. The reason behind this is Prada offer almost all the product which Gucci offers and the brand image of Gucci and Prada is same which is very sexy, sleek, sensuous and smart.\r\nIn product line in the same season Gucci and Prada offers almost similar shoes but Prada’s shoes are very smart and trendy where as Gucci’s shoes give very dull look. So, from that comparison Gucci is not able to note their brand image where as Prada’s shoes are simple but Prada maintain their brand image which is very smart. While comparing the advertising campaign and the throw in display window, Prada and Gucci go hand in hand in terms of convey the message through advertising campaign and also highlight their image through store ambience. But Gucci has 278 stores all virtually the world where as Prada have 128 stores around the world.\r\nSo, globally Gucci is more famous than Prada. The brand value of Gucci is more than Prada. Reference: Websites: http://bwnt. businessweek. com/interactive_reports/best_global_brands_2009/index. asp viper? sortCol=rankid=1=2=50 http://www. stanforddaily. com/2009/03/06/milan-fashion-week-sexes-out/ http://www. interrogationandmarkets. com/research/34a553/footwear_market_re Books: Journals: Ima ges: Prada Display: http://williamyan. com/blog/2009/7/24/retail-prada-window-display-in-soho. html) Gucci display: http://www. bobbintalk. com/2009/11/window-shopping-gucci. html\r\n'

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