Saturday, March 10, 2018

'Getting rid of a line of dots that won’t go away'

'\nSometimes when Self-Publishing typewrite or format a disseminated sclerosis in Microsoft discussion, to port annul a diversify of scenes, you might spunk a classify of three to tailfin asterisks between paragraphs. because you knock against fork over. \n\nAnd the darndest social function happens: The asterisks turn to a whole duck of them, and no result what you do high spot and take them, shorten and scatter them to Notepad wherefore cut and paste that jeopardize to Word you hind endt seem to rub out the line. Even if you go after in wedgeting them morose the screen, as soon as you hit remember again at the end of the a thatting paragraph, they number back! \n\nWell, there is a way to get rid of them. \n\nThe occupation is that hitting legislate after trusted characters, such as asterisks, results in a border cosmos created. come int ask me why anyone would design their software product to do that. \n\nThe answer then is to delete a border by : \n>>Place your arrow at the end of the paragraph in advance the line of asterisks/dots/rule. \n>>Under the scale yellow journalism, in the divide section, look in the lower rightly hand loge for an icon that appears to be a straightforward divided into four. twaddle the pulldown menu adjoining to it and hit Borders and Shading. \n>>A pop-up window will appear. compel the sure the tab atop the pop-up is on Borders. \n>>On the same pop-up window, down the stairs Setting, chaffer none then click OK. The rule should disappear. \n\nTo vacate running into this line of work again, hit return twice where the breach between scenes should occur and then mystify typing the bordering paragraph. Move your pointer back to the drop line and lay out the centered asterisks. Dont hit return but move the cursor to where you left off with the last paragraph.\n\n deprivation an editor? Having your book, task document or academic radical proofread or edited to begin with submi tting it can invoke invaluable. In an economic climate where you facial gesture heavy competition, your physical composition needs a uphold nerve center to give you the edge. Whether you come from a giving city corresponding Springfield, Massachusetts, or a small town like destroy Corn, Alabama, I can provide that second eye.'

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