Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stress Concentration

Mechanics of Materials Lab. Experiment # 4 Stress Concentration fitting of Experiment: folk 22, 2011 Report Submission: September 29, 2011 actor Name: crowd Members: Abstract Stress risers, geometric irregularities that put in the uniformity of a material, produce a predictable change magnitude in tautness. The puree concentration, expressed as the utmost stress under loading divided up by the titulary stress, digest mathematically calculate the supreme stress for distinct loadings. The following exercise explores the effect of a hole in an otherwise uniform rectangular aluminium cantilever beam. When a load is applied to the unsupported difference of the beam, the stress bordering to the hole increases dramatically more than the compass closest to the ring of the beam. This resulting stress profile was measured, as sanitary as theoretically determined with Statics. As a cooperate opinion, ANSYS® was used to drift and visua lly render the stress concentrations all over the issue of the beam. Background General Background Geometric irregularities on slopped members can dramatically change stresses in the structure. A saucer-eyed irregularity, a drilled hole, is studied within this experiment much(prenominal) that the do of this feature can be analyzed and explored. abundant enquiry into the effects of these discontinuities, called stress-risers has been conducted previously. A standard means of compute the maximum theoretical stress around an irregularity is imbed by the stress concentration factor, Kt. The stress concentration factor is a ratio of two stresses, as shown below. [pic] Equation 1 For a hole, the maximum stress is always found at the closest fructify to the discontinuity. The nominal stress refers to the ideal stress based on the net area of the section. Mathematical stemma for Equations Used As be in previous experiments, the honour for stress! can be calculated with the following formula....If you call for to get a estimable essay, order it on our website:

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