Monday, February 3, 2014


The inportance of accountability, accountability for ones equipment is important for umpteen reasons including. face-to-face gum plastic and the safety of felow soldiers. acountability is instilled in solders to provide disipline and awarness of ones things. should certain sensitive items such(prenominal) as a Radio, ANCD,Dager,weapon or NODS fall into the hands of those individuals that we atomic number 18 engagement this war against. Would put the lives of me and my platoon and the other units deployed in peril . not further am i putting myself at jeopardy i am putting the lives of my comrades at interestingness as well. tactical equipment is used to gain an advantage over our enimies so we can overcome them on the battlefield. losing items such as thes may possibly take that advantage away. accountability comes good deal to ain responsability. personal responsabilty is too very imoprtant for many reasons. personal responsability applies to many different aspects of not only ones personal affects and belongings, plainly also including an individuals actions and conduct. ontop of my chain of command en assertioning me with an ANCD,NODS,RADIOS and other legions equipment, it is the army as well that is in arroganceing me with any sensitive item designate to me. that trust is what pays it my personal responsability to keep my and other equipment assigned to me secure. If i where to innocent any of the itmes assigned to me not only would i be afftcted by UCMJ but also my platoon and fellow soliders, the trust in the midst of myself and my platoon is something that I have tried hard to make for for and looseing somthing equivalent a ancd,radio,,nods or weapon . would hurt or destory the trust i have built not only with the with my platoon,battlion and the army.As the platoon rto I have a lot of equipment assigned to me and it is my line of reasoning as a solider to keep impression of all the items at all times. Its also my job as a major(postnominal) solider to make shure th! at the my fellow solider are also keeping track of on that point equipment as well. Being in the PSD platoon we are held to...If you motive to beat up a full essay, order it on our website:

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