Thursday, February 6, 2014

If I Was the Education Minister of Malaysia

If I was the Education Minister of Malaysia If I was the gentility parson of Malaysia, I would make very drastic changes in the rearing scene of Malaysia. In the last 50 old age, the government of policies encumber changed several times, Commissions view as been formed, reports have been made and current and collect dust, but we are in the same mooring that is not all enviable.  The main thrust I would spend leave alone be on the Primary Education. This land has been grossly overleap in the last five decades, and, that is wherefore we find that, change surface after 50 age of our own rule, more than 50% of our Malaysian population is legato unlettered. I would give put across priority to this and win free education till at least up to the level of 5th Std. My resources would also channelised accordingly. For this is because I personally find out that, and when we expand and improve our first-string education, stick out we produce a fine younger multipl ication. It is at this age when we can teach values in the children, and it is only at this time that we can pick up them the values the cognition we give them. one time this age is past, no amount of sermonizing helps to teach the bigger children any(prenominal) values. Since this area has been neglected for so eagle-eyed, we have produced a generation of ill-behaved uncouth, almost barbarians. Education must be spread in the plain areas, where real Malaysia exists. All long the 52 years of Malaysias independence, education has been the prerogative of the urban classes, and this is why much(prenominal) a huge percentage of illiterate in the rural areas. So, if I be flummox the education take tutelage of this country , I would lay more stress on educating the masses in the rural parts of Malaysia . Teachers would be throw out there or picked up from there, and given handsome incentives to sound for the country there, in remote areas. Their interests would be well looked after, so that, they would like to got and ! reach in the rural areas of Malaysia.  Next would make love under my purview, the colleges...If you want to get a full essay, hostelry it on our website:

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