Thursday, February 13, 2014

High Noon

high-pitched Noon in high spirits Noon The movie High Noon is a western style movie closely devotedty and betrayal. Throughout the whole movie, you can see how Kane is loyal to the townspeopleshipshipship and how the town betrays Kane. The film tells a story about a spell who was too proud to run— a tale of a l ace, stoic marshal (Will Kane) who was left crude(a) and abandoned by the towns mint he has sworn to entertain because of a four-man gang up led by Frank Miller. This is where the obedience part comes in. Kane did non have to stay and encourage the town’s people because he was “retired” and was going to cave in town with his wife. hitherto he did stay because he felt that it was his trading to protect the townspeople even though no one would propose and help him. His wife, Amy along with the some townspeople tells him to leave town immediately to save his life. They tell him th at he is no eternal the marshal of the town, therefore not his fight. Kane disregarded what everyone told ...If you desire to trounce a full essay, order it on our website:

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