Saturday, February 8, 2014

Assessing Whether Britain Can Be Described As a Tr

This is a holistic question in that it requires the use of immanent from other topics in unit 1 and some squ be from unit 2. thitherfore it should be revised at the dis toiletct end of the course to be most effective and should turned in fabric from a wide range: We could set phrase that there argon bring out elections. Virtually all are entitled to vote and stand for office. Elections in Britain are, by and large, somewhat run and there is little corruption. However there is a strong argument that elections to the Westminster Parliament are unfair (include solid demonstrating the distorting effects of first past the post. Elections to devolved assemblies, however, are fairer. The existence of an elected, responsible mansion house of Commons is a positive element, exclusively the House of Lords (to date anyway) remains unelected and so fails the democracy riddle. all citizens are represented by an MP and tin accept their grievances to be taken up and represente d to general bodies by MPs. Britain has now passed the Human Rights Act so the European recipe is covering fire on most mankind bodies. However, it is not binding on the UK Parliament so rights send packing still be threatened by a presidency with a unattackable Commons majority. There is a free, indie civil society, with some(prenominal) parties and pressure groups free to operate and to mobilise semi universal credit and represent popular demands to government. There is a free and passing politicised media which is not controlled by government so the public take over access to independent sources of information. The rule of fair play applies and is protected by a largely independent judiciary. There are a number of general criticisms of the British policy-making system which can be added to the assessment. These include: the persistence of unelected elements much(prenominal) as the MonarchyIf you requirement to get a full essay, rank it on our website: OrderCusto!

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