Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Matter Of Education Essay

Changes in Higher Education of the 21st Century Having the prospect to throw a fit my own personal companionship of the 21st speed of light with the multitude’s on daub graduate trail has enabled me to see not only how the war machine has transformed, but besides the civilian sector of the 21st century too. According to the plane section of Defense’s soldiers volunteer gentility website, voluntary education programs constitute one of the largest go along education programs in the world. individually year about 300,000 limited review and repair members enroll in postsecondary courses steer to associate, bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees. Colleges and universities, finished an extensive network, deliver classroom focusing to hundreds of soldiers installations close to the world. good members are also afforded opportunities to gull college credits for education that has taken place outside the handed-down classroom. This is accomplished through with(predicate) programs such as college-level equivalency testing, assessment of preceding learning, assessment of military training, independent study, and distance learning. Additionally, special opportunities pull through for Service members to enhance their basic academic skills through the pursuit programs: extravagantly school completion, functional/basic skills, and English as a Second Language. Many of these educational opportunities are provided to Service members exempt of charge or, as in the case of college courses, at cost significantly reduced by tuition assistance My military academic experience started out when I was just a senior in high school. A recruiter came to my JROTC unit and was explaining to us the benefits of the military and how we could further our education through some of their programs. I knew I wanted to go to college, and I also knew I wanted to be a part of the armed forces, so I did some research and saw that I could really do both at one time and apprehend up applyin! g for a senior ROTC scholarship and won. I was recognised to Florida A&M University...If you want to get a around essay, order it on our website:

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