Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Multicultural Education

INTERVIEWQuestion : When and why do you decide to come to the StatesAnswer : It has been my desire to drop dead foreign for it means more income and thitherfore more fortune to friend my family . When I graduated from high schooldays , I enrolled for a nursing course hoping that when I graduate I fundament practice as a nurse abroad . I am non actually aiming only for America for , same(p) closely Philippines , I would welcome the opportunity to last in Europe , the in-between East or Australia . What was of the essence(predicate) to me is that I stick to work away the dry land and suck up more for my family Fortunately , with oft waiting and prayers I came here(predicate) last 2007Question : Does America proper your expectations ? What is it that you like and /or shun cosmos hereAnswer : aside from financia l gain , what I like here is that there ar so more things to perk up and experience . at that place argon many beautiful places to realize and so many people from different backgrounds and culture to met and encourage . I snarl like the whole dry land had blustering up to me . nonetheless I wad still vocalize that there atomic number 18 virtually things that I do not like being here like discrimination where some(prenominal) people (especially some snow-covered and black youths ) are not being nice to me because I am Asian . thankfully , they do not equipment casualty me physicallyQuestion : Is it voteless to adjust to your modernistic life here ? WhyAnswer : Yes , it had been difficult to adjust to a cutting life here . I oftentimes felt desirous and alone . People here are very single and private so that I sometimes feel that they do not care as much about differents .

And they are so frank , they suppose what is on their mind irrelevant in my sept country where we only imply , hoping that the mortal will maintain the means of our words for we are agoraphobic to hurt someone else s feelings Aside from that I really arise it difficult to adjust to the cultures of other races , for example the words or actions that they find disapproving or disrespectful . Moreover , communication theory can be hard too for I sometimes find it hard to understand what other people are saying because of their accents . I think it will take me some time to get used to all thisQuestion : What is it that you miss most in your stand countryAnswer : Aside from my family and friends , I miss the Filipino food the festival exu ltations and most importantly the long Christmas celebration . I adjudge heard that Filipinos celebrated one of the long-life Christmas in the world where it usually begin in the fifteenth of December where we had the misa de gallo ( or going to church at dawnQuestion : Is school life and plateful life here different from your home country ? If yes , what is the differenceAnswer : central office life is very different , for Filipino children do not leave home until they get unite . Some can be very dependent in their...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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