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I choose to write closely analyzing how tradition to the highest horizontal surface marriage and family related to finances. Marriage and families have always been most how they were going to bud trounce money to eventu solelyy have bed once they were older. Before people married for love and had at that place on free will to choose their spouse. Women were staged by their families to marry men who were pecuniaryly immutable and secure. This ensured that the woman would be able to remain home to bear the children and tend to the any family. While the man was works a 9 to 5 to keep the family afloat by keep food on the table. When the Great Depression occurred more women begin to become working mothers and wives. Which meant there was an increase in the individual household. In historical Perspectives on family studies by Stephanie Coontz, Poor women married men who were monetary perpetual to ensure that the family would remain stable. Its said in the 1970s that t he American colonialist families would send their children and teens to stay and work as servants in other people homes to ensure that the family remain stable thru different changes that may have come. Statistics state that single the boot homes are poor in a 1995 study because after the 1970s dual incomes were a must to move from the exiguity level to the lower class bracket.
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While reading Chapter: 1 Family and Social change I discovered that there was systems to set up who people chose to marry, where they would live after they married and how many children that they would down into this world. These s ystems were money, religion, and the governm! ent which people factor all of this system to birth the answer they search for. In place for a better-looking time was what they called the gender and sex role that declared a womans place in society was in the home and keeping it up the standard for living. The man everlasting(a) job was to provide financially for his family. Research showed this role dates all the way back into what I call the Ice Ages, peculiar back...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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