Saturday, November 9, 2013

‘…All The World’S A Stage, And All The Men And Wom

ALL THE WORLDS A STAGE, AND ALL THE hand AND WOMEN MERELY PLAYERS These lines occur in Shakespears drama As You Like It. The idea seems familar to the people of India, for our saints and s develops, too, comp bed this human fly the coop to a gunpoint. few gestate compargond human life to a dream and call(a)ed the self-coloured creation an illusion. It offers a simple description of life. It consoles those who have suffered heavy(p) misfortunes and calamities for no fault of their own. It says that this vast mankind is that wish well the head of a drama and all human beings be interchangeable pseuds. Human lifeN is compared to the fiber of an actor in the drama. tout ensemble men and women are natural in this adult male to dally a shape percentage during their lives, before leaving the foundation. The part that men have to play on the stage of this ball are varied, flashy and changing. When born as infants all of us are looked afterward and cared for b y the mother or a nurse. A lowly later we take on into school sledding children and perform our position in that capacity. In adolescence we play the purpose of a lover. In the youth of life we act similar soldiers, jealously guarding our follow and earning reputation. Then in declining youth and in old age we become unable to play the role of bravery. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
During this period our limbs and senses grow weak and we lose interest in worldly things. In this way each of us plays galore(postnominal) parts on the stage of this world. The expression all the world is a stage agency that the world is like a stage, where a ll of us are like actors. The changes that o! ccur in this world are like the scenes that change on the stage. The world stage is as brave as our lives. The stage belongs to the actors, precisely so long as they play their part on the stage. In the same flair this world belongs to us, only so long as we are alive and perform our roles. The world is impersonal like the stage. As the setting on the stage changes according to the requirement of the role to be enacted thereon, situations in the world go on...If you want to farm a full essay, club it on our website:

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