Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wealth and Poverty

WEALTH AND POVERTY It was a usual meeting. The Holy visionary (S.A.W.) was in his place and his companions gathered around him to hear the talk of the town to of wisdom and guidance. Suddenly a poor universe in rags appeared, saluted the assembly: Salamun Alaikum (Peace be on you)?And finding a vacant place comfortably sat down. The vaticinator (S.A.W.) had taught them that all Islamics were brothers and in an assembly one should sit wherever one finds a place, regardless of any status. Now, it so happened that this poor soldiery was sitting next to a very rich man. The rich man felt very disturbed and tried to collect the edges of his fulfill around himself, so that the poor man didnt touch them. The seer (S.A.W.) observed this and addressing the rich man he (S.A.W.) said: maybe you are afraid that his poverty would affect you? No, O courier of Allah, he said Then perhaps you were apprehensive tight some of your wealth flying away to him? No, O courier of Allah? Or you feared that your apparel would become dirty if he randy them?? No, O Messenger of Allah.? Then why did you draw yourself and your apparel away from him?? The rich man said: I run that was the most undesirable thing to do. It was an error and I acknowledge my guilt.
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Now to make amends for it I will ask to away half of my wealth to this Moslem brother so that I may be forgiven. ?Just as he said this, the poor man rose and said, O prophesier of Allah, I do not accept this offer. ?People convey were taken by surprise, they thought that the poor man was a fool, but then he explained: O Prophet of Allah, I refuse to accept this o! ffer because I fear that I might then become arrogant and ill-treat my Muslim brothers the way he did to me. TELLING THE TRUTH Telling the faithfulness is a very good habit. If you always speak the truth, you tidy sum save yourself from a lot of trouble! Here is a story of a man who did a lot of noxious things, but his promise to tell the truth saved him. one-time(prenominal) a man came to the...If you want to get a computable essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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