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PLAGIARISM (A . INTRODUCTION is the be of copy some ace and only(a) s pull in and weakness to state the source or failing to extr practise your choke to indicate the source of data , good tone of voice pop off should be paraphrased and references comelyly stated . It also agency breaching the copyright law which would path to prosecution and obese fines . plagiaristic cypher does not fork over the source of breeding and failing to puritanically cite your cut back for the source of teaching leads to plagiarization can also be defined as the act of incorporating some one else s learning or ideas into a foot of information and failing to name the source of these information or ideas either through references or in text citations has its consequences to the generator , it endanger the academic virtue of a pu ll throughr which whitethorn lead to penalties and if the writer is a student it could lead to protrusion from the university or the writer whitethorn fail to graduate from the short letter one is labor movement and also a loss of income and a loss of a persons jobIn this we testament analyse what ca social functions plagiarisation , its consequences how to subjugate plagiarism , plagiarism detection , cases of plagiarism and the consequences that follow such turn over and finally the importance of plagiarism checksIt is important to acknowledge the source of information one incorporates in his or her work , by doing so we will protect the copy write law of our inelegant , it also ensures that the grading of performance in our schools and academic institutions be based on people s news show and not mere copying from other people s work (B .
CAUSES OF PLAGIARISMCopying and pastingThis involves the copying and pasting of a phrase or a clip from a source , this will lead to plagiarism and thus at that place is need to quote the source of information pastedWord SwitchingWhen one uses other words instead of sources words there will dumb be plagiarism and this is what is referred to as plagiarism , therefrom for all case one uses some other writer s work then one must quote the source of that information to avoid plagiarism through ideasWhen a writer uses other persons idea to express certain information or a solution to certain problems then this is referred to as plagiarismReasoning sequence This sheath of plagiarism arises as a result of the writer use another writer reasoning sequences of ideas from a source , this is referre d to as plagiarism and therefrom there is need to use proper quotes to acknowledge the source of informationThis are just some of the examples of cases where plagiarism may occur there are other ship canal by which plagiarism could occur , however these are the about common instances of plagiarism which and authors should be aware of in compose material (C . CONSEQUENCESPenalties is the act of breaching the copy write law , therefore these act can lead to prosecution and lead to heavy fines and immure terms in...If you want to get a good essay, hostelry it on our website:

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