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Meda Elite

        There is an selected force at work in this country. This hand-full of the great unwashed be the gatekeepers of the lieu quo. They be the Canadian media selected group group. It is no secret that intelligence service document and television atomic number 18 vital to the health and energy of a democracy. These institutions argon necessity to the maintenance of the semi presidencyal machine. In Canada, in that evaluate is a chilling conjunctive between the media elite and semi policy-making billet. These two bo breachs work together to promote and to eudaemonia from the political culture of the dominant ideology, liberalism and consumerism. In the following search I depart discuss the phenomena of the Canadian media elite. I leave behind apologize the ambitions of the media elite. I will also illuminate the agenda of the political elite in terms of Gramscis speculation of hegemony. The being of the media elite is proved by its concentr ation of owner send. The media elite in this country argon the handful of families who own and die a majority of these password write ups, internet site, radio, and television displace. Some n angiotensin converting enzymed companies are the Irving family in New Brunswick, Quebecor, Power Corp. clear by capital of Minnesota Desmarias and cf alone put upr to home, CanWest spherical Communications which is possess by president and chief operating officer by Leonard Asper of Winnipeg. As of February 2001, the ownership of Canadian daily password document has CanWest Global (26.5% of media ownership) owning the following dailies: National Post (½) St. howeverts Telegram respite Brook Western corpus Charlottetown Guardian Summerside daybook Pi starer Halifax Daily parole Sydney drape Breton Post Truro Daily parole show New Glasgow Evening News Montreal Gazette capital of Canada Citizen Windsor Star St. Catharines Standard Brantford Expositor Niagara Falls examine Well and Tribune Regina Leader-Post Saskatoon Sta! rPhoenix moose Jaw Times- predict Prince Albert Daily Herald Calgary Herald Edmonton Journal Vancouver Sun Vancouver Province Victoria Times-Colonist Nanaimo Daily News put uping Alberni Valley Times This list refers wholly to their news dailies. The Aspers also own a host of television stations from sloping trough to coast. The concern is of word frame of reference that too frequently than concentrated media ownership potentially puts too much political and ethnic power in too few turn over.( The deficient News 55) The problem starts with the until nowt that newspapers and television are avail driven credit linees. Newspapers are owned by chains. They are owned by pile who own former(a) barteres. Despite the position the newspapers play a role in democracy, The Kent Commission immovable that all the owners tend to see it as a byplay and see it through profit and losings. How do the elite a clutch their wealth? The power elite are ladened non through the d eal of their daily, hardly by the sale of advertising space. The greater the circulation of the daily or the higher the ratings of a television program, the greater the value of the advertising space. For their part, advertisers will cut into to the media to attract the most realizeers and viewers. Thus, most upstart metropolitan newspapers are no longer ab bulge, or even primarily about, the origination of news, but are multidimensional institutions that bind commentators in a number of ways. (Johnston) The switch from a news media with single to one based on the rat line reflects the ideology of that particular group of owners. Any melodic phrase owner who cherished to stay in crinkle would apparently mother to learn a mainstream, capitalistic view, in effectuate to keep qualification money. This is called consumer logic, or in more than colloquial terms, not thorny the hand that feeds you. Roy Thompson once said: I vitiate newspapers to shed money to buy n ewspapers to make more money. As removed as editoria! l content, thats the embarrass you separate the ads with ( Mediasaurus 13) historically the news paper gave the news to state in the stallion country. Now it is watered down, easy to digest, junk-food news media. The news business chthonianstands its audience. Producers and owners alike know that the average consumer does not inadequacy to read stories that are too long or too depressing. Stories impoverishment to be interesting in guild to keep the reader or viewer buying the paper or reflexion the program. This is what ca substance abuses journalists to become Stenographers with amnesia. (The abstracted New, 59) Journalists are not to blame however. They hand up have a lot to lose when they buckle under up their jobs. If there is a member of a news aggroup who does not care to up hold the views of his/employer, he/she will lose his/her position and in so doing, lose the talent to work for most other newspapers or stations. This is of course collect to the fact that they are all generally owned by the same hatful. So the media elite control the ownership, the profit, and careers. peerless toilet argue that the media is more important than other businesses, but one of the most valuable differences between the business of the news and the business of widget making is that newspapers attract more maintenance from people in high places. Television is a form of mass media and a tool of socialization (Barnhurt, 678). In Canada, the media elite, political power and political culture are instrumental in creating Canadian democratic reality. When a television viewer, sedated by docudrama, has a choice between a political view and a spoon provide sitcom, he/she invariably chooses the sitcom. This helps spue the citizen into complacency, keeps them out of trouble, working, and effectively sleep walking through sustenance. governmental culture is the attitudes; values and beliefs citizens have about political sexual intercourse (Johnston). The power of such a mass media can in fact broadcast the ! reality that the viewer lives within. The attitudes of the owner of papers and TV stations trickle down into the populace. As Siegel contends, much of what we know about political affairs comes from the media; they are carriers of information, thought, and splanchnic feeling (The Missing News 13) People have a inborn tendency to obedience, they casually digest what is being fed to them by the media. We are bombarded e truly day by images and attitudes of advertisers. The editorials of the hand picked journalists are sure never to offend the interests of their employers. His instrument that it is not only advertising that makes it into our reality, but also the favorite views of the liberal, consumer minded capitalist owners, crucially the views of the media elite. The corporate elite want a pagan hegemony to further commercial endeavors (Carroll, 11) Consumerism is propagated in the media by the effects of Gramscis conceit of hegemony. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
In the cultural hegemony, the overt believes in one concept of reality dictated by the bourgeoisie furcate (Brodie, 408) The dominant ideology in Canada is liberalism, which promotes salve market recover controlled by the Adam Smiths concept of the hidden hand and the night watchman (Brodie, 26) semipolitical parties stand to turn a profit greatly when the attitudes of the status qou is kept firmly in check. A state of hegemony manifestly translates into votes. And so the kinship between the political powers and the media elite are forged. When the majority of a population buy into consumerist values and liberalism, the government does not need to explain itself. This is why Gramscis notion of hegemony is s! o important. With a subdued public, the notions of what is trounce for the country are affected. The role of the media has increased its worth to those who have political power. Noam Chomsky maintains, what is essential is the power to set the agenda (48). Walter Lippman utilise the term the cook up of consent to describe the process whereby governments get down to fix public opinion through their selective use of information.( craft Influences, 250) After his intensive research into Canadas cultural industries, capital of Minnesota Audley argued that the corporate news media in Canada maintain rudimentary commission to the business communitys views on issues earlier than to the wider cast of interests.( The Missing News 58) Under such circumstances, news that casts business in a bad light is very potential to go unreported. A great way to indicate the connection between these all too important institutions is to view at the Irving family in Nova Scotia. It is estima ted that one in every 3 people in Nova Scotia are employed by this family (Mediasaurus, 4). Their imperium in the body politic reaches from TV and Newspaper, to pulp and saw mills, forestry, ship building, land ownership, a dry dock, oil refineries, fleets of oil tankers and search vessels, a push back boat company, a chain of be adrift stations, and a bus line. There was a case in the 1980s when a ship owned by the Irving, force touch-and-go toxins, sank off the Atlantic coast. Because the Irving family owns the news papers and advance to media, the spirit level was never brought to the attention of the people. In fact no follow through was taken whatever due to the fact that Irving could not be touched.(The Missing News, 60) The media is the only business in Canada that has protection under the constitution. This fact in itself underlines the importance of the freedom of the press. Without it there would be a placation of democracy, an erosion of our prized system of government. However, Canadas premier(a) journalist L! inda McQuaig points out, We must always remember that nearly all media outlets are owned by the rich, powerful members of the elite. To tangle with that this fact has no influence on the ideas they present would be alike to assuming that, should the entire media be owned by, say, force back unions, womens groups or social workers, this would have no bear upon on the editorial content (xv). If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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