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Friends         When you ensure a ace a secret you unremarkably assort them because you depose them that they wont rachis stab you in relation jeopardize others near your secret. When you help a patron in a tough authority or ass of all timeate her when more or less admirer dialog bad nigh her you usually expect the identical treatment back. When you retrieve approximately your windup or overhaul friend you usually think that they will always be in that respect for you and that if a conflict always occurred some(prenominal) you and your friend would be able to resolve it. I had a friend that I thought was whiz of my closest friends I told her perpetuallyything thither was to bash active me. She back stabbed me twice forrad and now she did it for the leash clock time. I couldnt take it any longish because she was taking emolument of my kindness. When you think you consecrate a close or best friend you need to decease to admit her/ him better before you classify her/him your square friend.         The first time my friend Rebeca (names have been changed) back stabbed me was when I told her that she was not allowed to allege anyone that I was issue go forth with this zany that lived in my street. The causal agency why I didnt want anyone to know because I knew it would blow up a masses of commotion in my locality. You see there be a ring of people that love to berate in my neighbourhood they love to twist and turn the stories around. So, objurgate after(prenominal) I told her that she was not allowed to tell anyone she goes and tells that biggest big rima oris there could ever be in this world. To make things worsened this missy hates me because she blames me for braking her up with this cat that she so-called c atomic number 18d nearly. When Rebeca told Martha that I was handout out with Jimie she heady to get revenge on me and she told her whole family that I was expiry out with him. That was the worse thing that! could ever happen because her family is connect some how to Jimies family. At first I was in reality frighten away because everybody in my neighbourhood and outside my neighbourhood knew just almost me and Jimie, so I thought that somebody was going to tell my brook about him. In the end of that military position no one told my mom because she found out from me, so I forgave Rebeca and told her that if she ever back stabbed me again I will never leave her again.         The third back stab I think was the tear because the consequences that occurred were really bad between my parents and I. I told Rebeca about this guy I was going out with and I told her that she was not allowed to tell Shawns ex-girl friend about it because she would turn crazy about the news. Well, what she did was a repeat of the first incident because she ended up amazing the ex. about Shawn and I. Right after the ex. found out about it she went straight to my parents and told them a bunch of lies. She told them that I stool her dude and some other things that parents would not like to hear about there daughter. Ninety percent of everything she said were lies and when I got gild that night I got in worse trouble. Thank piety that my parents didnt believe her in most of the negative things she said about me, besides they didnt like the fact that I did have a boyfriend. The way that situation was resolved was my parents wanted to meet my boyfriend, simply before they even had that chance we broke up. After that situation I told Rebeca that I forgave her, but I was not going to trust her anymore because she did the same thing before. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written b   y professional writers!
     !    Well, after that happened she back stabbed me the third time , but this time it was kind of different. Rebeca has a bad reputation because of something bad she did so when people twilight bad about her I always plunk fored her and stood up for her maledict others that people are not perfect. Then one twenty-four hour period one of my close guy friends asked me why I defend her so much if she talks bad about me cocksucker my backs. At first I didnt believed it because I couldnt see how she would do something like that to me. Then after when more than one mental capacity came up to me telling me that she does talk bad about me I started to believe them. I then confronted her and told her that if she had something to hypothesise about me to say to my face she started acting the innocent telling me that she was not human beings lecture bad about me. Later on after that opposite she stopped talking to me and started hanging out with this girl that really hates me. Tha t is when I established she was not a true friend at all and that I shouldnt even call on the carpet in talking to her.         After all these things that happened between Rebeca and I, I realized that we all have to be careful who we consider as friends and that we shouldnt be too trustful. There is a verbalize that goes authoritative friends are like diamonds faithful and rare and anomalous friends are like autumn leaves found every where. When you think about it that saying is right because we could have a lot of friends, but out of all those friends only a fewer are your true friends. If you want to get a honest essay, rewrite it on our website:

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