Tuesday, September 10, 2013


He sits in his quiet, peaceful living room victimization the day’s headline “Local Band devour; Suspect Still Unknown” and is listening to the soft abide by of the aged but still dangerous Rottweiler at his feet. The besides sounds in the room are that of the dog and the ticking of the superannuated grandfather clock between the fireplace and the beginning of the huge bookshelf that wraps around the inside perimeter of the very decent-sized study. He acts as if he has not been disturbed by the day’s events and is not even in the least bit shift up because well…He isn’t. Those 5 men’s murder, not by his own hand, but by read of the hand of organized crime, has absolutely no effect on him or his conscience whatsoever. Smack. Smack. Smack. Over and everywhere they were hit, hit by fists, crow bars, and wrenches, anything their captors could find. They tried to yell, scream, make any noise at all but for every attempt at esch ew there was another punishing blow to their already shoot down bodies. They had no idea as to what was going on nor consequently anyone would want to do this to them. 5 guys in a tingling band, what could they have done so wrong that justified this issue?
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They had been taken in their tour bus to the abandoned piece of tail of an unknown everyplacepass in an unfamiliar state; they had been gagged, blindfold and handcuffed, then tied to wooden poles and beaten. These men didn’t merit this because just as they thought, they had done nothing wrong… He stands up out of his favorite recliner and slowly walks over to the window on the side of the ! room, removing his reading glasses in the process. He looks out at the stormy shadow and coolly hopes to himself that those cumbersome mafia dirty-workers did their job well enough so that the bodies won’t be discovered. He looks out the big paned window at the crashing waves of the ocean as the lightning strikes from the dark night sky. He grins at the thought of how easy, of just...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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