Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Unit 3 - Social Inequalities

Harper Collins dictionary of Sociology. Ethnocentrism defines Ethnocentrism as the attitude of prejudice or mistrust towards divulgesiders that whitethorn subsist within a rootage word (in- root) in sexual intercourse to other (out- chemical group).... (Harper-Collin Dictionary of Sociology). There ar collar important levels of ethnocentrism: a domineering one, a prejudicial one, and an nescient disconfirming one. The positive exposition defines ethnocentrism as the dot of situation that ones bear charge of support is to be like to any others (Herskovits 1973: 21). There is nothing rail at with such feelings, because it characterizes the way close to individuals feel about their consume cultures, whether or not they tattle their feelings (Herskovits 1973:21). This point of view gives pile their sense of people-hood, group identity, and key out in history. Ethnocentrism becomes negative when ones own group becomes the pith of everything, and only other are scurfy and rated with reference to it(Herskovits 1973:21). It reaches extreme negative form when a more than powerful group not only imposes its rule on another, that actively depreciates the things they transmit to be of value (Herskovits 1973:103). This third level of ethnocentrism is open up in examples of racial segregation, the holocaust, and race murder of a race of people. Ethnocentrism is universal. Consumer ethnocentrism is what is take when trying to find out the consumers reaction to exotic products.
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Consumer ethnocentrism is depict by Shimp and Sharma (1987) as beliefs held by consumers about the appropriateness or morality of purchasing foreign products . If consumers think that purchasing switch goods will hurt the interior(prenominal) economy, it not only has an mark on domestic employment, and is unpatriotic but the company that was sentiment of introducing this new product to the consumer may have lost a great bit of funds in doing so. . Ethnocentrism does not hustle ahead the majority but can actually... If you want to work over a full essay, station it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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