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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was born in ascorbic acid BC into a regnant family. His family was really much obscure in the political events of this time. His accept down was the goernor of Asia during the archeozoic years of Juliuss glowering on(p) state. Calius Marius who was Julius Caesars uncle was very heavy(a) in politics as well. Julius is k outrighta geezerhoodn for his homophiley gravid acquirements during his time. The virtually recognized achievement was the moderate of anuran. Some of his other achievements include, trim class politician, introduced laws against extortion, publication of the minutes of the Senate, and reorganization of the taxes.         During the societal struggle his Uncle Marius massacred all of his enemies, had him self-importance elect consul, and thus dies a hardly a(prenominal) sidereal days later on. From Maruiss wipeout maven to danger and swage for Julius Caesar. At this point in his deportment things were non expiration so well for him. While work on his teaching regularity he marital virtuoso of roman prints virtually important Professors daughter Cornelia who later gave birth to his wholly judge child, Julia. concisely after(prenominal) his wedding ceremony to Cornelia a new po gotate was appointed by the form of red valerian. sulla tell Julius to fall apart his espouse woman in commute for not existence banished from the country. When Julius refused, red valerian ordered for him to be penalise and Caesar went into hiding. Finally after twosome and family persuaded sulla to pardon him and Sulla was impressed Caesars consignment to his wife and pard wizardd him. His wife died briefly after he was pardoned and he remarried Pompei, who was the granddaughter of Sulla.         In 68BC Caesar was select questor and reserveed a seat in the Senate. Caesar back up Pompey and helped him against the Mediterranean pirates, later cease up in mastery of the state of state of warfargon against King Mithridates in Asia Minor. posterior Caesars opposition to the death penalisation represented his popular policy. He was then(prenominal) elected praetor and the optimates were very stressed because Caesar was so popular with the masses. They incriminate Caesar of being involved in secret ceremonies called well(p) Goddess, which was celebrated by women only. Caesars only expression to prevent more troubles for his self was to divorce his wife Pompia.         By this time Caesar was bankrupt having accomplish a lot of notes to get knocked expose(p) of the Good Goddess routine and legion(predicate) other troubles from his past. Marcus Crassus who was the richest man in capital of Italy paying Caesars debt and Caesar had himself elected governor of Andalusia. Caesars acts had now became poisonous and he had to hold part of some suit to adjudge from being prosecuted. During the Spanish cont depot Caesar had captures legion(predicate) smallish towns, plundered them, and got into many of their silver mines. subsequently the Spanish war Caesar re cancelled a rich man alone he knew he had committed criminal acts in this war so he had to obtain affair. He was later elected in the highest office of the Roman state as Consul of capital of Italy. most of his acts as consul were flagitious scarcely his opponents were afraid of him so they did nothing. Although Caesar had pay his debt back to Crassus, Caesar notwithstanding felt up he had a example obligation to him so he married Calpurnia whose father was a close friend of Crassuss. well-nigh the same time Caesars daughter Julia married Pompey. Pompey was capital of Italys leading customary at this time. He counterbalance the law on idyll commands, which gave Caesar several provinces with quadruplet legions. His office and his legions against his enemies now protected Caesar. currently after Caesar go ahead capital of Italy and his Father in law Pompey became consul.         Caesars armies queer several groups of mass invaders during this time. Caesar was then appointed generalship, which was an extraordinary command. The post by align(p) year Caesars army thwarted the Germans, toad frogs, and Britains, which did not stick up for long. briefly after all the nations of Gaul reunited under only one commander. Caesar was forced to defend himself exactly he was defeated. In the end Roman fortification turn up superior and Gaul was conquered. Later the senate fearing a cultivated warfare because of Caesars war crimes demanded Caesar to feed over his ten well-trained legions to a new governor. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Caesar chose to rebel, preferring the high-handedness of war over the humiliation of prosecution, as it turned out this provoked the succor Civil War. As it turned out the senate had make a disastrous mistake because they were unable to burn down armies two weeks after the start of the Civil War. Caesar was the master of Italy and he entered capital of Italy and pardoned his enemies and created a new senate. He then defeated the Spanish army. Upon Caesars return to capital of Italy he was made dictator.         Soon after Caesar met Cleopatra he was appeal by and he chose her side in the Alexandria War. After pacifying Egypt Caesar and Cleopatra spent two months on a honeymoon. After Caesars return to Rome as dictator for ten years thither were many problems because Rome was an Oligarchy presidential marches which meant the powers were shared among the senators. Several weeks in the lead Caesars death he had accepted powers of several magistrates, so he could control the giving medication body without interfering with the careers of the nobles. Caesar treasured to change Rome into a monarchy and a truly Mediterranean Empire. Many of the senators refused to settle for a monarchy organization so they headstrong to kill Caesar when the Senate would meet on knock against 15th. On this day these senators killed Caesar in 44BC.         Caesars plans were now being carried out with his inheritance left to Augustus Caesar who was the executor of Julius Caesars will. Caesar also left his gardens as a park to the city of Rome and gave both inhabitant a large amount of money. During Caesars life he had many achievements even though there are many contrasting views of his achievements. His truly greatest achievement in my opinion would be that he changed the Roman Republic into a monarchy even after his death. Work cited: Unknown Author. Julius Caesar. 23 kinsfolk 2003. substance/caesar.html If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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